CM Punk Reacts To "Ticking Time Bomb" Comments

CM Punk has taken to his Instagram to respond to the "ticking time bomb" story

In this past week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that a top star had left AEW Dynamite in a bad mood, and believed the entire situation between CM Punk and The Elite was a “ticking time bomb that will not have a happy ending”. 

It seems as though CM Punk caught wind of this story, as he took to his Instagram story once again to respond to something said in the wrestling media. Punk posted a selfie of himself backed with the “Timb Bomb” song from Rancid. Of course, this isn’t Punk making a statement as such, but it is him showing that he is at least aware of what is being said. Whether this is a means to mock or naysay these comments is unclear. 

CM Punk returned to AEW programming last week following a hiatus of nearly a year after being ruled out with an injury and following the Brawl Out incident, in which an alleged brawl with The Elite took place. Punk made his first Dynamite appearance this week, with it being noted that the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega weren’t at the show, although Punk was.

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Written by Andrew Kelly