Cody Rhodes Encourages Fans To Continue Watching AEW

Rhodes is still supportive of his friends in the company

With Cody Rhodes and AEW parting ways on what seem to be amicable terms, it’s no surprise that Cody is encouraging fans to keep watching AEW, a company he helped found.

With Rhodes likely on his way back to WWE, you’d assume the letters ‘A-E-W’ would never again enter his mind, but in response to a fan saying they’d lose interest in a post-Cody AEW, Rhodes implored them to keep watching:

“I’d encourage you to still watch it - I was very lucky that my hard work led me to be that face, but I wasn’t alone. Nick/Matt/Kenny/Chicken [Dustin Rhodes]/Jericho/MJF/Hang were as well, and all the new girls and guys putting in a shift now as well. Wrestling is thriving.”

Rhodes was one of the driving forces behind AEW when it was founded in 2019, coming together with The Young Bucks and Tony Khan to get the promotion off the ground.

During his run with AEW Rhodes was at a time one of the promotion’s top babyface stars, and is the first and only three-time holder of the TNT Championship.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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