Darby Allin Reveals Sting Is 'Doing Great' Following AEW Dynamite Ladder Spot

Sting ‘doing great’ after AEW Dynamite ladder spot according to Darby Allin

Sting continues to wind back the years in All Elite Wrestling, but the WCW legend may have pushed himself a step too far with a dangerous ladder spot on the June 28 edition of AEW Dynamite.

The Stinger leapt from a ladder in the ring through Sammy Guevara on a table on the outside, slightly undershooting the table and smashing face-first into Guevara’s knee. The incident hasn’t slowed Sting down, though, as Darby Allin revealed on Busted Open Radio:

“He's actually doing great,” began Allin. “We talked the day after and he said he was feeling great, which is awesome because I pulled him aside after that match and I said, 'Yo, just be honest with me, how [are] you feeling? Not just your mouth but your neck, every single thing about your body’, because people forget that he, kind of, retired in 2014 when he took that buckle bomb [from Seth Rollins in WWE].  

“So for him to be going as hard - and trust me when I say this, it's none of my ideas - It's all him. He's just like, 'alright, is there a ladder here tonight? I'll jump off it.' A lot of people think it's me, kind of, being the bad influence but it's him. He's got that hunger, he's got that want to give the fans something. But he's feeling great and I'm stoked.”

Since joining AEW in 2020, Sting has constantly pushed his own limits, diving off balconies, ladders, and even the entrance tunnel.

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