Davey Richards Announces Retirement After Several Promotions Cut Ties

Davey Richards announces his retirement from pro wrestling

Davey Richards has announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The former ROH World Champion will wrap up his in-ring career after he fulfils his bookings this weekend. 

Richards' retirement comes after several promotions severed ties with the 40-year-old after it came to light that domestic violence allegations had been made against him. 

Prestige Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy announced they had cut ties with Richards and Team Ambition revealed on March 17 that the training dojo had severed ties with Richards. 

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful then reported: "Many companies have terminated their association with Davey Richards due to violating their policies and code of conducts, due to allegations of domestic abuse." 

After the promotions severed ties with Richards, the former American Wolves member issued a statement to PWInsider denying the allegations of domestic violence against him and announcing his retirement.

Richards wrote: 

"Hello everyone - Wow, what a couple of days. There are allegations of Domestic Violence against me. The allegations I adamantly deny and if you look on casenet in MO under my name Wesley David Richards you'll see there are no charges filed against me.

"However, I do understand the industry’s stance on this matter. Everyone should feel safe at shows and I do not want to be the person whom damages that. The pic being posted of my wife's eye is from training and we regulatory train in martial arts as many of the students have have got black eyes and such.

"Again, no charges were filed and I deny these allegations but I must do what is right and not what I want. So I am canceling myself. This great sport is far too wonderful for anyone, including myself to tarnish it. I will wrap up my shows this weekend and I will be retiring from professional wrestling.

"Please continue to support Team Ambition and this sport. Davey."

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