Dax Harwood Recalls FTR Asking For Their WWE Releases

Dax Harwood explains how (and why) FTR asked for their WWE release.

Speaking recently to Fightful, FTR's Dax Harwood looked back on he and Cash Wheeler requesting their WWE release.

"So yeah we went into the building that night with the idea that we were gonna ask for our release. We had our match. We asked for Hunter and Vince all day, and they were very busy, which is typical of a TV day, so I’m not upset at all. But we had our match with Lucha House Party, we came back to the back, dripping sweat, and we said, ‘Hunter, we need to talk to you now.’ He said, ‘Can you give me five minutes?’ We said, ‘Absolutely.’ He came in the back. This is gonna sound very egotistical, I don’t mean for it to. But we knew that we could do better than what we were doing, and we knew tag team wrestling could be presented better than it was being presented. If we were gonna stay there we would have been stuck in a rut, in that previous regime. [...] Now we’ve been able to go out, and we’ve been able to make a name for ourselves.

"I can’t be mad at Vince, you know what I’m saying? Just like I said, if he doesn’t like tag team wrestling, that’s okay. One: it’s his company, but two: that’s okay. It’s his opinion to not like it. If he doesn’t like specifically me and Cash, that’s okay, too. It just sucks that he was the only billionaire boss at the time that was paying us that much money. But that’s totally okay, and I harbor no ill feelings towards him or towards the company or anything like that."

FTR are currently the tag team champions of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Lucha Libre AAA. They're also currently in a rivalry with The Acclaimed, tag title-holders in their home promotion, AEW. 

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