Dax Harwood Sees A Way For CM Punk To Return To AEW

Dax Harwood thinks CM Punk could return to AEW

Ever since the fateful events of the post-All Out media scrum and subsequent locker-room fight, even the most optimistic of wrestling fans knew that a road back to AEW for CM Punk would be long and difficult.

Whilst reports stated that Punk could be gearing up for a potential return following suspension and time on the injured list, such hopes were given a massive shake-up when Punk posted an Instagram story revealing his frustrations with sections of the AEW locker room and certain narratives that have emerged post ‘Brawl Out’.

However, Punk’s friend and on-screen ally Dax Harwood believes there is a way back into AEW for Punk should he want it, saying the following to Wrestling Inc.:

"Well, I've always been a pretty optimistic person, even to the point where it's failed in my life and made me fail," Harwood said. "I feel like yes there is, and I feel like there could be a point that he comes back. I do also feel that he should come back and he has to finish his story. If he comes back, I want him to come back with a clear head and a clear mind, because he deserves to have a finish to his career that he wants."

Harwood continued, "If him coming back and ... finishing his storybook career here gives him peace of mind, then I think it should happen and will happen."

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