Drew McIntyre Addresses Holding His Tongue After CM Punk Referenced Vince McMahon On WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre talks CM Punk, Vince McMahon, and THAT WWE Raw promo battle

The feud between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk is one of the hottest in WWE, despite Punk’s absence from the ring due to injury, with the two regularly engaging in venomous back-and-forths on WWE TV and across social media.

One notable promo battle between the two (and Seth Rollins) in March 2024 saw Punk alluding to McIntyre’s time as Vince McMahon’s ‘chosen one’ on WWE TV in 2009, with Punk daring McIntyre to say the disgraced former WWE Chairman’s name on TV.

During an interview with Metro, McIntyre reflected on the segment, and how he had to hold his tongue when weighing up a response:

“What was going through my mind was I could respond right now, and would it be a good look for our company? And I have to make a decision because we’re going O.K. Corral-style, unloading rounds on each other,” McIntyre recalled. “I did what I thought was right for not just the company, but for our roster, and held my tongue on that night. I had a couple of things in mind that would have melted the internet, but potentially hurt us in different ways.”

One name McIntyre is not afraid to say is that of Joe Hendry, with ‘Irn Dru’ praising the TNA star during a recent conversation with Cultaholic’s Tom Campbell.

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