EC3 On Velveteen Dream: "I Hope That He Finds The Help He Needs"

EC3 has issued a statement regarding Velveteen Dream's recent allegations

Former WWE star EC3 has responded to Patrick Clark, AKA Velveteen Dream, after Clark made accusations about him.

Clark was himself responding to allegations by EC3 that the former NXT North American Champion secretly tried to film fellow NXT talent using the bathroom during a house party hosted by EC3. 

Issuing a statement via email to PWInsider, EC3 wrote: 

"In life, I forgive everyone for everything that has been done to me. I personally have never failed a drug test from any employer, nor been arrested for drug usage, paraphernalia, assault, battery, or any inappropriate behavior. My forgiveness includes Patrick Clark for setting up a video recording device in the bathroom of my home.As far as any other accusations and allegations against him, I hope that he finds the help he needs".

Clark was recently released from a Seminole County, Florida jail after serving 25 days following his August 26 arrest for a probation violation. 

Reports noted that Clark is set to be arraigned on charges related to that case next week.

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