EXCLUSIVE: PCO Recalls Being 'So Mad' Over Botched Spot At ROH Final Battle 2019

PCO thought the electrocution spot at ROH Final Battle could have looked so much better

PCO reached the top of the mountain in Ring of Honor back in December 2019 as he defeated RUSH at the Final Battle pay-per-view to capture the ROH World Championship.

RUSH looked to have the match won early on after he threw PCO from the stage onto a pile of items but the former Jean-Pierre LaFitte was saved by D. Destro, who used the car battery on PCO's hearse to electrocute the 'French Canadian Frankenstein' and bring him back to life. Instead of simply lifting up the hood of the car, though, Destro gained access to the battery by ripping off the grill of the hearse and attaching the jumper cables through the hole that was created. 

Speaking about the spot during an appearance on Desert Island Graps, PCO revealed the hood of the hearse couldn't be opened as someone sat on the vehicle before Final Battle. The former ROH World Champion noted he thought the spot looked okay but he was "so mad" after the incident because he believes it would have looked so much better. 

"You liked it. It was good, but it could have been a little bit better. During the afternoon, someone sat on the hood in the [parking] lot. Destro had to break the whole front of the car to access the battery because we couldn't open up the hood properly because someone sat on it during the afternoon after we told nobody should go near the hearse. It was one of those moments where we had to react and we had to make it up for what happened. It came out good, it came out okay because you didn't see the difference. Me, I was so mad, I was so p*****d," PCO stated.

Following his win over RUSH, PCO held the ROH World Championship until February 2020 when he dropped the belt back to El Toro Blanco. PCO would exit Ring of Honor after the promotion went on hiatus in Q1 2022 and he joined IMPACT Wrestling soon after, initially as part of Honor No More. 

PCO will have the opportunity to become IMPACT World Champion tonight at the promotion's Under Siege IMPACT Plus special. Fans can watch the show from 8 pm ET on IMPACT Plus or on YouTube as part of the IMPACT Ultimate Insiders subscription package.

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