Exclusive: Trent Seven & Tyler Bate Discuss Their Pride In Each Other

Moustache Mountain reflect with Cultaholic on six years as a tag-team...

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven have teamed together since 2015, forming Moustache Mountain. 

The British duo have won the NXT Tag Team Championships and helped to make WWE NXT UK one of the stand out brands in professional wrestling. 

Bate and Seven sat down for an exclusive interview with Cultaholic Wrestling's Mitch Waddon to discuss all things NXT UK, and were asked about their pride in each other for the work they've done, both as a unit and individually. 

Bate said: "I feel like we’ve made each other. Both of us, on our paths individually, helped each other become what we are. I feel like arguably that’s been the most important role in that becoming process. It’s real and you don’t have to convince people of real."

Seven agreed with his tag-team partner and said their very real friendship - created out of their mutual love for wrestling - is the basis for everything they've accomplished.

He added: "I’m better off for being with Tyler and I know he feels the same way. What you see out there, in the performance side of it and the poses, yeah it’s entertainment but this is real. And I don’t have to trick people into thinking we’re a tag team.

"We’ve known each other for so long. We have, we do, and we will forever be best friends. And we get to give the fans our love of professional wrestling."

You can watch the full exclusive interview with Moustache Mountain below or listen to the interview in podcast form here!

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