FTR Reveal They Had Heat With The AEW Locker Room After Appearing On Jim Cornette's Podcast

Cornette isn't exactly an AEW fan...

Former NWA commentator Jim Cornette has been consistently critical of All Elite Wrestling since it's inception. He has lambasted the young promotion for pushing stars like Joey Janela and Orange Cassidy, and he said the widely praised Stadium Stampede match almost made him want to apologise to Vince Russo for producing the worst wrestling he's ever seen.

New AEW tag team Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler of FTR appeared on The Jim Cornette Experience in early June and their new locker room was less than happy about it. 

Harwood revealed during a recent interview with Inside The Ropes that everyone was mad at them which led to an awkward silence when they turned up at the hotel ahead of Dynamite.  

Dax said: "It's funny that you mention Jim Cornette because we did the Jim Cornette podcast and, man, the next day that we walked into, actually it was the hotel where all the AEW wrestlers are staying, and you know the scenes in the movies where the record scratches and everything stops and everyone stares at you? That's exactly what happened."

Cash added: "Awkward silence."

"Yeah, so awkward," Harwood continued. "They were all so mad at us because we did Jim Cornette's podcast. And that's okay with us, we don't care. If we make friends, we make friends, and we have made a few but if they want to get mad at us because we're trying to make AEW a better place, make it more money, we welcome that."

You can see FTR in action on AEW: Dynamite live and on demand on FITE


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