Full List Of WWE's April 2024 Releases

All WWE releases in April 2024

WWE carried out post-WrestleMania releases on Friday, April 19 and Tuesday, April 23. Several talents will be free agents upon the end of their 30-day or 90-day non-compete clauses. WWE have often released talent following WrestleMania, particularly since 2020. 

WWE released the following talents in April:

  • Jinder Mahal
  • Veer
  • Sanga
  • Xyon Quinn
  • Xia Li 
  • Von Wagner 
  • Cameron Grimes 

All of the talents except for Cameron Grimes were released on Friday, April 19. Grimes, meanwhile, was released on April 23. According to reports, WWE decided to release talents due to a combination of factors, notably the company having no creative plans for them and that the wrestlers had been signed for over five years and WWE didn't feel their trajectory matched their experience level within the company. The internal reason cited within WWE was budget cuts. 

Jinder Mahal was the most high-profile release, having been in a World Heavyweight Title match as recently as January 2024 following a segment with The Rock. He is also a former WWE Champion. Cameron Grimes was a popular talent during his time in NXT, particularly while utilising his 'Richest Man in NXT' gimmick in 2021, during which he was in a programme with Ted DiBiase and LA Knight. 

Von Wagner had also established himself as a popular member of the WWE NXT roster, having recovered with the audience after his infamous "Cum Tuesday" promo. 

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