Goldberg: WWE's Riddle Is A P***k But I Appreciate Him

Goldberg and Riddle have had a love/hate relationship for several years

It’s no secret that Goldberg and Matt Riddle have a rocky relationship, with Riddle continually calling out the WCW legend on social media over a number of years. However, Goldberg does have some sort of admiration for The Original Bro, telling DAZN:

“The cocky kid [Riddle] spouting off his mouth in the beginning, and I didn’t appreciate it very much by any stretch of the imagination. But the guy has put in a lot of frickin’ hard work and a lot of hard work, and he’s dedicated his life to this business.

“Whether I like him as a human being or not, I have to understand and appreciate his passion for the business and his work ethic. Because he works hard and that I appreciate as an athlete and as a human. Is he a prick sometimes? Absolutely. But that’s him. That’s his character, and so am I.”

The two memorably met backstage at a WWE event in front of cameras, and whilst there has been no interaction between the two on WWE broadcast television, never say never.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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