Have WWE Already Acknowledged Their Mistake When It Comes To Becky Lynch?

There's some bits missing from this week's SmackDown Live on the company's YouTube channel...

Personally, I was overjoyed at the sight of Becky Lynch finally growing a pair of proverbials as she stuck a massive old slap on the chops of Charlotte Flair. I'm on the Becky Bus, which has grown in both size and strength over the past few months as the seemingly forever bridesmaid has very much become the bride to be.

I've got to be honest, for the longest time I simply couldn't give a hoot about Becky. Of course, I appreciated her skills in the ring and in the realms of puns and Instagram stories, but outside of that, there was just nothing there for me. It all comes down to how the Irish Lass Kicker has been booked since gaining promotion from NXT in the summer of 2015.

She got friends - she trusted friends - she gained no real success - she lost friends. Always the bridesmaid, left alone at the end of the night, never the bride. It was a sad, sad situation.

The transfer over to SmackDown Live brought great success initially, with Lynch becoming the first-ever blue brand women's champion. However, that run didn't really amount to much, as the likes of Alexa Bliss and Naomi skipped ahead of her in the SMACKDOWN TOP 10 - if the ladies had their own version of that meaningless nonsense. Then, a long old spell in the wilderness began, before 2018 saw fans channel their inner Owen Harts by saying: "well enough is enough, and it's time for a change!" Several momentum-building wins were gained by Becky, before SummerSlam season rolled around and the injustices began to creep into her feud with Carmella.


We all saw what happened at SummerSlam as Becky did something she should have done a long time ago. Unless I missed something or have simply forgotten, I have no idea why Charlotte - who had been enjoying some time away from the ring before inserting herself in that triple threat, remember? - was given the chance to join the women's title match in the first place. It felt like Becky had been on a winning run as long as Asuka's and had earned her free swing at a sitting duck known as Carmella. I was annoyed when that one-on-one match was taken away, and I've only recently joined the Becky Bus. Goodness knows how it must feel if you've been on there for a while now.

Now I'm sure everyone backstage at WWE was expecting Lynch to be roundly booed all the way back to Ireland after 'turning' on Charlotte - but the exact opposite happened. Sixteen thousand people erupted in unison at the crucial moment, and rather ironically ended up giving SmackDown Live's resident Queen the reaction presumably intended for Lynch.

I believe Lynch is the AJ Styles of the female ranks in WWE - no matter what you do to her, you simply won't be able to turn her heel.

To SmackDown Live we went and Lynch came out cutting a heel promo - this made me sad. This saw WWE completely ignore what happened on Sunday in an attempt to carry on telling a story they're simply not able to tell. We're a generation of fans who are all talk and opinion but no action. Where was #GiveBeckyAChance on Twitter? We're with her now, but have with her all along? These are the things Becky was saying and bloody hell, not only given the constant cheers for her in the arena last night, but with Sunday's goings-on in mind as well, she wasn't making too much sense was she?

In terms of the heel portions of her promo, every single thing she questioned, you could prove it wrong without even thinking about it - thankfully, those points have been removed from the YouTube clip of the promo on WWE's official channel. This is veeeeeeeeery interesting indeed.

By doing this, and spinning what was most certainly a heel promo into a kind of defiant babyface one, are WWE admitting their mistake in terms of reading the room completely incorrectly? Have they scrapped the Lynch heel turn in favour of giving fans the world over what they clearly want?

I believe they might have, you know. Crucially as well, they've uploaded another clip to the YouTube channel that shows a battered and bruised Charlotte leaving the ring, receiving a not so warm reception from those inside the Barclays Center - when you remember that WWE clearly muted the crowd for Lynch's abrupt entrance on SmackDown Live, this is a massive step in the other direction.


The whole scenario surrounding Becky's character raises a wider issue in WWE - one that bothered me for a long old while a few years ago. There he was - Bad News Barrett, his name. He'd appear on Raw each week, cut an entertaining promo that was clearly intended to be of a heelish variety, yet the crowd would cheer. WWE didn't allow Bad News to organically turn to the other side of the tracks, favouring instead to scrap the gimmick altogether. What a damn waste.

This waste was compounded a little while later when The New Day arrived on the scene with a gimmick that nobody understood, so much so that the fans who were supposed to be cheering them started to boo. Instead of scrapping their gimmick, WWE allowed them to naturally turn heel and the rest is history. Oh what could have been for BNB if they just allowed him to do the same thing but in the opposite direction.

What fate awaits our Becky? Will she be as lucky as The New Day were way back when, or will she be another BNB? I have no idea if the clip below and the parts that have been removed actually means anything at all, but the fact that 100 per cent of the 100 per cent heel lines have been left out speaks volumes (hopefully).

Let me know what you think!



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