IMPACT Wrestling Results - March 02 2021: X-Division Number One Contender Confirmed

Deonna Purazzo took on Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan in a Triple Threat main event

IMPACT Wrestling continued down the road to Sacrifice, with IMPACT’s next PPV taking place on Sunday March 13.

We opened with a Number One Contenders Triple Threat, with Chris Bey, Ace Austin, and Black Taurus clashing for a shot at TJP’s X-Division Title. Taurus was on the receiving end of tandem offence from Austin and Bey but still got by thanks to his power, but the numbers game was too much. With Taurus out of the way, Madman Fulton tripped Bey allowing Austin to hit The Fold for the win.

Next up Tenille Dashwood defeated Havok, who was without Nevaeh. Dashwood was firmly in control as commentary noticed how Havok looked lost without her tag partner ringside, only for Nevaeh to run in post-match to make the save.

Sami Callihan continued his war with Trey Miguel by invading Miguel’s school and attacking almost everyone in sight. Callihan did take a trainee aside whom he had a proposition for. Elsewhere, Eric Young expressed his disappointment in Deaner’s recent failings as Joe Doering physically disciplined Deaner off camera.

AEW’s Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone pushed their upcoming shows, before saying it was ‘us’ (AEW, IMPACT, NJPW) vs ‘them’, while TJP, Ace Austin, and Chris Bey had words in Swinger’s Palace. We also had pre-taped videos from Moose and Rich Swann hyping their Sacrifice title match.

The Good Brothers, David Finlay and Juice Robinson defeated Reno Scum & XXXL, despite a lot of bickering and disharmony between The GBs and FinJuice. The match wasn’t much more than an over-glorified squash, as The GBs quickly put away Reno Scum for the win with the Magic Killer. The GBs and FinJuice then argued backstage, before making a Tag Title match official for Sacrifice.

Matt Cardona refereed a clash between Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards, with Cardona vowing to call the match right down the middle earlier in the night. Cardona stayed true to his word, and gave Edwards the DQ win after Myers nailed Edwards with a loaded elbow pad. The issues between the former Major Brothers look set to continue.

Our main event was meant to be Deonna Purazzo vs. Jordynne Grace, but earlier in the night Grace and Jazz had Kiera Hogan inserted into the match after clashing with Fire ’n’ Flava backstage. Purazzo was interviewed pre-match, but wasn’t massively bothered about having to change her game-plan, and stated her innocence over accusations of laying out ODB.

As the match started, Hogan and Purazzo focused their energy on the dominant Grace, but Grace fought her way back into the bout. All three competitors shone brightly, but chaos erupted outside the ring as Susan, Kimber-Lee, Tasha Steelz and Jazz started brawling. Steels interfered as Grace went for a splash on Hogan, allowing Purazzo to get the win over Grace with a roll-up. 

The brawling continued as Purazzo stood tall, before ODB returned to take the Knockouts Champ out, as IMPACT went off the air.

Full results:
• Ace Austin def. Chris Bey & Black Taurus - X-Division Number One Contender Triple Threat
• Tenille Dashwood def. Havok
• The Good Brothers & FinJuice def. Reno Scum & XXXL
• Eddie Edwards def. Brian Myers - Matt Cardona Special Referee
• Deonna Purazzo def. Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan

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