Jade Cargill Comments On Potential Match With Kris Statlander

Jade Cargill has spoken about a future match with Kris Statlander

Jade Cargill is heading into a big title defence against Taya Valkyrie at the Double or Nothing 2023 PPV tonight, but the AEW TBS Champion is also looking ahead and discussing potential future opponents, one of which is the currently absent Kris Statlander, who many have pitched to be the woman to dethrone Cargill down the line. In an interview with Ella Jay of SEScoops, Cargill talked about the potential of facing Statlander.

"I think fans like just want to believe in something because they want me to lose so damn bad. But I mean, that's glass woman. If we're talking sports right now, what coach is gonna put a player in that just came back, with no type of practice, with no type of game? You're just going to throw her in there and swim? That's wild to me. That's just crazy. So, I'm not worried about that. I'll let her get some reps up and then she can come see me on my time. I'm just so tired of all these women thinking that they can just step to me, ask for a match. I'm just over it. It's all on my time. I've been here for so long, I think I deserve that type of respect and I'm just going to have to get Mark [Sterling] in line about that.

"Let me think about it. I don't want to hurt her. I would rather -- let me see what she could do. Let me see if she's worthy, because I think she needs to get her endurance back and we can go from there. And let's just make it a good match. Let's make it a good match. Let me give her time, get her agility up, get her mind together. And then, she can go talk to Mark, and Mark can figure out if it's worth it, if it's a money match or if it's not a money match. Right now, I think the upper card is money matches. That's where I want to be at, so we'll see."

There has still been no update on the return timetable for Kris Statlander, though she has now been absent for around nine months. Cargill is looking to extend her record-breaking 500+ day reign as TBS Champion at Double or Nothing.

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Written by Andrew Kelly