Jake Roberts Thinks MJF Has A Problem With 'Going Too Far’

Jake Roberts has given his opinion on MJF’s quest for heel heat

Whilst many agree that MJF is one of the greatest heels of a generation, the AEW World Champion has been the subject of criticism after throwing a drink at a child fan at the recent AEW Revolution PPV.

The incident caused some to question whether MJF goes ‘too far’ in his quest for heat, with Jake Roberts being one such name as the wrestling legend explained on the Café De René podcast:

“Anything when you do something to a fan is too much. Here’s the thing guys, the fans are the ones that make you. Don’t, ‘Hey, you fat f****** b****.’ There’s no need for that. Number one, she probably is a fat b****, and the kids beside her know mama’s fat. She don’t need to be reminded. Is she coming back? I doubt it, because the kids are crying, that guy made fun of my momma. I’m not f****** coming back for that s***. There’s absolutely no need to attack the fans, none, zero, zilch… MJF does have a problem with going too far. I think he just gets going and he just lets go. You can’t let go. You gotta keep control of your s***,” said Roberts.

MJF has built a reputation for always staying in character and seemingly addressing any subject in his quest for heat.

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