Jeff Hardy On How He Can Turn Heel Without Turning On WWE Fans

Will Hardy turn heel?

Even though Jeff Hardy has been wrestling inside the squared circle since the 1990s, the multi-time world champion has never had a high-profile run as a heel in WWE, with his most prominent time on the dark side coming in TNA when he was The Anti-Christ Of Pro Wrestling. 

Hardy has previously admitted he would be interested in turning heel in WWE and now The Charismatic Enigma has devised a plan where he can turn heel but remain popular with fans - turn on WWE instead. 

"I think there's a way to kinda turn heel without turning on the fans. It's like turning on the company, where it's something like, 'Ok, I'm 44-years-old, I've been doing this for so long and I'm really being mistreated - what's going on here?' Should I ask for my release from World Wrestling Entertainment?" Hardy told SPORTbible.

"This is not a yes or no question, it's a 'Yay!' or 'Boo!' question - let them yay or let them boo and let them decide. That's just an idea that popped into my head but it might be a route to take. I feel like there's something to be unleashed inside me that wants to get out and rage to a certain extent and hopefully we'll figure that out."

Speaking earlier this week, Hardy also revealed that he has yet to pitch the return of his Willow gimmick to WWE, but he has considered debuting a Bob Ross-inspired character. 

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