WWE's Jeff Hardy Reveals He's Wrestling With A "Messed Up" Back

He didn't leave the Symphony Of Destruction Match unscathed

Jeff Hardy was involved in a scary incident back on the November 30 episode of Monday Night Raw. During his Symphony Of Destruction Match against Elias, The Charismatic Enigma put his opponent through a table with a Swanton Bomb. Jeff's head smashed against the corner of the steel steps during the landing, though, and he appeared to be in some discomfort. 

Hardy was fortunately okay and he has continued to wrestle on WWE TV in tag team and singles matches. 

He didn't walk away from the Symphony Of Destruction Match unscathed, however. The former WWE Champion recently told Metro that his back is still "messed up" following a Whisper In The Wind spot. 

Hardy said: "Even in that Symphony of Destruction Match with Elias, people thought my head was messed up from the stairs but it was easy, my head is fine. When I did the Whisper In The Wind and he hit me in the butt with the guitar, my back is still messed up from that. But that's part of the job, you know - you're gonna get hurt."


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