Jeff Jarrett Details Putting Together AEW Collision Promo About Owen Hart

Jeff Jarrett on THAT AEW Collision promo

Jeff Jarrett produced what many have described as one of the best promos in AEW history on the June 22 episode of Collision as 'The Last Outlaw' detailed why it meant so much for him to be entered into the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Jarrett will face a wildcard in the first round and a tearful Jeff discussed the passing of his wife being on the same day that Owen Hart tragically died, speaking with a therapist where he came to the realisation that he had never allowed himself to grieve Owen's passing, and how thankful he was for his family and faction in All Elite Wrestling. 

Jarrett also referenced his friend, the late Toby Keith, noting that he will use one of his songs as his attitude for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament with, "I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was" and that is what he has to do for three matches to win the Owen Hart Cup. 

Speaking on My World, Jarrett detailed how the promo on Collision came together. 

"There had been talk, off and on, I don't know how deep the conversation got, but I believe there were conversations last year about it. I don't know how far they went, it wasn't none of my business. Last year, I was not part of the tournament. This year, there was a little bit of chatter off and on about it. As the layers went down, when I heard the winner moves on to Wembley, I immediately said, 'That eliminates me.' I get it. Then, I had that thought, 'That tournament is my Wembley.' The decision was made to put me in," Jarrett began.

"They wanted me to sit down and really just answer one question, 'What's it mean to me?' Me and Karen were at catering with Jay (Lethal) and they said they were going to schedule it later in the night. Had that dark match, had a blast doing that. Afterward, they came through, and they said, 'When you get cleaned up, let's go do it.' Karen said something like, 'Guys, it's the only thing that he cries about every time.' I asked myself, 'Why is that?' I text Sonjay, it would have been late Friday night, he said, 'Are you okay if we release the uncut version?' 'Not at all.' I told them, 'It helps me more than it helps you. Just to get it out,'" he continued.

"When I sat down in the chair. It was if, the first time when they said, 'We're thinking about putting you in the Owen tournament.' It struck me like, you can't write this story. It doesn't make sense on any level. Here we are in 2024 with the circumstances and realities, and them sitting me down and saying, 'What are your thoughts?' and me having the opportunity to process it all. I'm grateful for it. It's not easy. It's painful at times. It is my opportunity to talk about Owen. When I think about everything. Out of all the people who were part of that show in May 1999, the one of the things I've wrestled with is why him? Why Owen? All that emotion came up. The business that I give my life to. I get to participate in a wrestling event 25 years later that honours my friend Owen. That's special." 

After co-host Conrad Thompson noted it was the real Jeff Jarrett speaking as opposed to simply a promo, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion added: 

"I don't want to name names, but there were a lot of folks who articulated, 'I don't want to call it a promo. I don't want to call it an interview. I don't know what to call it.' That's super respectful. Every word I said was super emotional. As real as it gets. The beauty of our business is like none other. The blurring of the lines. When you head down that path. The beauty of our industry is when tragic situations, it doesn't erase anything or make it better, it's living life on life's terms, and the whole world gets to see what a great human being Owen is and the business he gave his life to. The vehicle to create awareness on who Owen is all about is through this tournament. I hate to call it art, but that's part of the magic of this business. It all comes down to create an emotional connection. That's what it is all about."

Such was the reaction to Jarrett's promo that many on social media have called for him to win the tournament and then the AEW World Championship at All In. Whether AEW have decided to pivot from their plans for the tournament since the promo is unknown. Jeff himself, despite several prompts from Conrad Thompson, declined to give his thoughts on potentially winning the AEW World Championship. 

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