10 Wrestlers Who Had A Late Career Renaissance

10 wrestlers who enjoyed a late career renaissance

9. Jeff Jarrett

Jeff jarrett aew

Following a November 2022 match with Jay Lethal on Dynamite, Darby Allin got smashed over the head with a guitar, bringing about the arrival of Jeff Jarrett. After one of the most varied, decorated, and controversial careers in pro wrestling history, Jarrett found his way to AEW, mere months after appearing for WWE at SummerSlam. 

Fans got very worried that Double J was up to his old tricks and would insert himself into the upper echelon, but he instead found a role that suited him perfectly. The Chosen One was a breath of carny air in the more modern AEW landscape, and because he was the only person doing his brand of old-school wrestling shtick, it made his appearances extra special. 

Fear that the company would be mad enough to put a major championship on the 55-year-old former gold salesman gave his matches a unique sense of tension, and, as a result, Jeff’s been one of the most consistently entertaining members of the roster since his debut, leading the Total Nonstop Arseholes faction.

He’s also won that Leatherface belt.  

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