Joe Exotic Thought ROH Stars Were Spies For Carol Baskin When They Visited His Zoo

The Tiger King was suspicious...

The Netflix series Tiger King has taken the world by storm during the coronavirus pandemic and has quickly become must-watch TV. The focus of the show, Joe Exotic, has deep connections to professional wrestling as he used to do colour commentary for NWA Texoma Wrestling and shows were even hosted at his zoo. 

During a recent appearance on ESPN West Palm, Ring Of Honor star Matt Taven revealed Exotic has even more connections to the wrestling industry. He explained he, Jay Lethal, and Dalton Castle visited G.W. Zoo and people at the park thought they were spies for Carol Baskin. 

Taven said: "Funny story, me, Jay Lethal, and Dalton Castle actually went to Joe Exotic's zoo. We had a show in Texas and the next day we're in Oklahoma City and on that drive, you see nothing but billboards that say like, '240 exotic tigers' and then all of a sudden you see a billboard with Joe Exotic on it and you're like, 'I'm sold. I need to see what this place is all about.' 

"So, we went and we had no idea at the time, and I kind of found out after listening to a podcast before Tiger King, but they got really weird when Jay Lethal told them that he was from Tampa when they asked where we were all from because that ends up being where Big Cat Rescue and Carol Baskin is from. So, they thought we were some sort of spies since we were just random guys walking in without a family like everyone else to this tiger zoo... I think after they saw our reactions to like “Woah, Woah, Woah, we're just here to see some tigers' they realised that we had no other intentions besides exactly that." 

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