Joe Hendry Debuts 'Divas Reject' To Mock Dirty Dango On IMPACT Wrestling

Dirty Dango is nothing more than a 'Divas Reject' according to Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry's musical talents were back at the forefront of IMPACT Wrestling during the promotion's latest episode of TV on Thursday, June 8. 

Hendry is currently locked in a feud with Dirty Dango (FKA Fandango) and The Local Hero is set to defend the IMPACT Digital Media Championship against Dango on the Against All Odds pre-show on Friday, June 9. Ahead of their rematch, though, Hendry had a new song for Dango as he investigated why the former Fandango had turned into such an awful person. 

After carrying out a thorough Fashion Police-inspired investigation, Hendry concluded that Fandango's career crashed and burned after he defeated Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 because Dango was rejected by Summer Rae and Eva Marie when he "tried to get laid on Total Divas." Such traumatic events have ultimately left Dango as nothing more than a "Divas Reject", Hendry concluded. 

As has become a common occurrence, the heel didn't take too kindly to Hendry's song and Dango and Sheldon Jean looked to beat down the IMPACT Digital Media Champion, only for IMPACT Director of Authority Santino Marella to make the save, taking out Jean with a lethal Cobra. 

Hendry and Dango have been feuding in recent months and they initially teamed together before Hendry discovered that Dango was Santino Marella's mystery attacker. This led to their first match at Under Siege where Hendry retained the Digital Media Title by DQ. 

You can watch the whole segment below:

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