Johnny Gargano: I Decided To Take Time Off From Wrestling A Year Ago

12 months in the making

Johnny Gargano has revealed his decision to time away from wrestling following the expiration of his contract with WWE was one he first made a year ago. 

Gargano has departed WWE NXT following the expiration of his deal with the promotion earlier this month, with the 34-year-old confirming his plans to take time off to enjoy the birth of his first child with wife, Candice LeRae.

Fans are already speculating where Gargano could show up next but the former NXT Champion is focusing on his sabbatical, revealing it was something he decided to do a year ago, once his deal had expired.

Gargano noted that WWE still want him to re-join the company and sign 'for a very long time', and is grateful that his former employer is keeping the door open for him.

When asked if he had accomplished everything there was to do in NXT, Gargano told Iron-On Wrestling: "I definitely felt very complete. I felt complete for the past year.

"This wasn't a decision that came out of nowhere. This was a decision I decided a year ago. Luckily, it worked out to where me and Candice are having a baby. The baby really finalized my decision on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to take this time.

"I'm very much a guy where I could have stayed comfortable for a very long time and I love NXT, the door is open, I can go back whenever I want. WWE in general, I can go back whenever I want. I really appreciate that because I'm so grateful that the company I dreamed of working for my entire life still wants me for a very long time, which is really cool.

"It's one of those things where I am a competitive person and I feel like I've climbed that mountain. There are other mountains I want to climb and other things I want to try and do, not just in wrestling, but life in general. Other avenues I want to try.

"I've always been enamoured with creating content and things like that. Now I have free time to try to do that. I'm very lucky to have a loyal fanbase that has followed me and continues to follow me even though I'm not in NXT and am doing my own thing now."

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