Jon Moxley Reveals Original Plans To Debut 'Wild Thing' As His AEW Theme

It almost debuted at Revolution

Jon Moxley has revealed the original plans to debut his 'Wild Thing' entrance music. 

The former AEW World Champion first used The Troggs version of 'Wild Thing' for his match against Yuji Nagata in May 2021 before debuting the X cover one week later. The theme was originally going to be used for Moxley's entrance at Revolution, though, ahead of his Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch against Kenny Omega.

'Wild Thing' has been used by Japanese deathmatch legend Atsushi Onita during much of his career and Tony Khan pitched to use the song at Revolution as a tribute. Moxley initially rejected the idea and when he changed his mind, it was too late to get the rights in time for the pay-per-view.

"So we're doing this Exploding Barbed Wire match and I was being compared to the innovator of that, who's called Atsushi Onita, who's a Japanese wrestler who came out to that (song). A month before Tony (Khan) was like, we're talking about it and Tony, who is the owner and booker and so forth, he goes 'should we get 'Wild Thing' for that?' Just for one night for the Exploding Match. And I was like 'no that's too derivative. No it's too much.' And then a week before I started thinking about it again and I was like 'well it might be cool for one night. People might get the reference. Just for that one night.' I was like 'let's do it.' By then it was too late and we couldn't get the rights for it or whatever," Moxley told Cincy 3:60.

"But then it came through a couple weeks later, and I was in the ring with Yuji Nagata. And I thought it was the 'Season of the Witch' playing. I was like 'why is Season of the Witch playing right now?' And after the match, I heard it was like the original, the Troggs 'Wild Thing.' I was like 'oh, they must've got 'Wild Thing' after all. That's my music now.' And they then changed it to the X version, the Major League version. So it kind of just happened by accident. But if the people like it, I like it. So that's all that matters. I'm into it, it's cool."

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