Josh Alexander Thinks Will Ospreay Chose To Put Him Over In TNA

Josh Alexander thinks Will Ospreay chose to do the job for him in TNA

Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay faced off for a second time in a TNA ring on the January 18 edition of IMPACT, in a match already pegged as a potential match of the year contender for 2024.

Despite Ospreay’s status as arguably the best wrestler on the planet right now, Alexander got the win over the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion to tie their series at one apiece, with Alexander saying the following about the outcome to Kurt Angle on the Kurt Angle Show:

"I knew it was possible, but there were political things, whether or not he could lose or not. They didn't want me to drop twice to him, so it might have been somebody else. I honestly think it was Will that called in and said, 'Do Josh, I don't care, I want to put him over.' To be at the level he's at and doing what he's about to be doing in February when he moves on to AEW, just to do this in-between, shows that he really cares about TNA as a brand. He said he wanted to highlight me and make me the guy that can be here when he's gone. It's just professionalism at its best," said Alexander.

Alexander himself is also in the ‘best in the world’ discussion, but still said it was an honour to work Ospreay again:

“It's a monumental deal to me. I told Will after the match, I hugged him and said, 'Thank you for doing that for me, I very much appreciate it.' You didn't have to, and there are people that didn't want him to, but he wanted to. I hugged him and said, 'I hope I'm at a point in my career one day when I can do the same thing for somebody else.' It feels good for me, personally, because it highlights me and springboards my career further, but it must feel good for him to pass something on like that to somebody that he knows isn't going to waste it,” said Alexander.

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