Konnan Details How Dean Malenko Quit WWE

An abrupt chat with Johnny Ace

Following the end of his in-ring career in 2001, Dean Malenko remained in professional wrestling and worked as a backstage agent for WWE. The Man Of 1,000 Holds spent the next 18 years in Vince McMahon's company until he suddenly quit in April 2019. 

Malenko would sign with All Elite Wrestling as a senior producer one month later and he has remained with the promotion ever since. 

How Malenko came to quit WWE has now been revealed by Konnan. The former LAX manager was backstage at a recent AEW show and he detailed sitting down with Mark Henry, Malenko and Arn Anderson while they were "burying WWE."

"I was at a table. Arn Anderson was there. Dean Malenko was there. Mark Henry was there. They were just burying WWE. At the end, Malenko told me that Johnny Ace said to him, 'Hey man, I heard that you want to quit. Why don't you think about it?' Malenko said, 'Yea, I've been thinking about it for 19 years. I quit,'" Konnan said on Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life Podcast

Malenko has made brief appearances on AEW TV since signing with the company and he was recently taken out by MJF as part of Friedman's feud with Chris Jericho. 

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