Report: Marvel Considering Starting Their Own Wrestling Promotion

Thor Vs. Captain America in A Thor's Hammer On A Pole Match could be in our future...

Earlier this week, Marvel and AAA announced their collaboration which will see wrestlers inspired by Marvel's superheroes and villains debut at TripleMania 28. At the promotion's biggest event of the year, Aracno (Spider-Man) will team up with Leyenda Americana (Captain America) against Terror Purpura (Thanos) and Venenoide (Venom).  An official date is yet to be announced for TripleMania but AAA is hoping the show will take place in December at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico.

This is only the beginning of the partnership between AAA and Marvel and both parties agreed to hold a series of family events. A collection of clothing and other products inspired by Mexican wrestlers is also set to be released in the future. 

Dave Meltzer provided additional details about the collaboration in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The partnership had reportedly been in the works for months and the original plan was to debut the four wrestlers in the summer, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic caused those plans to be scrapped. 

More Marvel characters are expected to debut down the line if all goes well at TripleMania. The identities of the wrestlers under the masks have not been revealed, but they are "well-known talent." Some will be repackaged AAA stars while several others are from the United States who are either currently working or have worked for promotions in the US recently.  

Marvel is also seemingly committed to establishing a foothold in professional wrestling as Meltzer noted they are considering creating their own promotion if the collaboration with AAA goes well. 

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