Matt Hardy Open To AEW Adding A Third TV Show

Matt Hardy is receptive to a possible third AEW TV show

All Elite Wrestling are set to debut their new behind the scenes TV series All Access on March 29, but speculation persists that AEW could also increase their in-ring TV time at some point in the near future.

With two hours of Dynamite and one hour of Rampage airing every week across TBS and TNT, fans have long wondered whether AEW will increase their output, whether via an extra hour on Dynamite or Rampage or an entirely new third in-ring show, with the latter recently being reported as in the works.

AEW star Matt Hardy was asked his thoughts on a potential third show, with Hardy saying the following on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast:

"I’m okay with that. Obviously, AEW has a huge roster. It’s hard to get everyone on a Dynamite and a Rampage. If they do end up doing it, I almost think you take like the Elevation show, and you kind of transform it into a television show that airs here nationally in the US, and I’m sure it would air globally as well. I think it would be okay to have a show where you have some guys that just go out and get wins, and you continue to build them to feature them on Rampages and Dynamites. I would be okay with a show like that, almost similar to a Sunday Night Heat or Velocity, or even more of a throwback than that, a Wrestling Challenge or Wrestling Superstars. I’d be cool with that," Hardy said.

Hardy continued, noting how he’d want a match heavy show featuring up-and-coming AEW talent:

“But I feel like if it is an hour, if it’s an hour-long show, I feel like two matches is a little too thin. I feel like you could spend some time, I think do a minute and build up a match before. But I would almost use it more to try to build stars. In AEW, I feel like there’s a big number of talents that they go out and they wrestle in a big match, and you know they’re just putting someone over. If you see Skye Blue going out to wrestle Jade or Britt Baker or Jamie Hayter, you kind of know who’s gonna win, what’s the outcome. I would like to see them build up a Skye Blue. I would like to see them build up some of the younger guys that you have as well, like Lee Moriarty is one. I would like to see him built some. So I would like to see a package, give me thirty seconds, a minute on this person, and then let them have a match. Even if they wrestle someone that is local and they just get a very strong win, I’m good with that. I think there’s a place for those on TV and building people. I think the most important thing is that you need to use that hour of television to build equity in the guys that don’t necessarily get it on a Dynamite or a Rampage. I think that would be the most beneficial to AEW," Hardy said.

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