Michael Cole: WWE SummerSlam 2021 Is The Perfect Moment For John Cena Vs. Roman Reigns

The two are heading for a mega match at SummerSlam 2021

WWE SmackDown commentator Michael Cole can't wait for Roman Reigns vs. John Cena at SummerSlam 2021, saying the universe has aligned to create 'the perfect moment' for the two to meet. 

Cena and Reigns, while not officially confirmed for SummerSlam, is almost certainly set to be the main event for WWE's next pay-per-view in August after Cena challenged Reigns in a promo on Monday Night Raw after confronting the Universal Champion at Money In The Bank.

The feud will almost exclusively play out on the SmackDown brand, where Cole works with broadcast partner Pat McAfee, and Cole feels Cena's return has come at the right time, just as the fans are getting back to the WWE product. 

With Reigns on the run of his life as well, Cole is beyond excited to see the story the two can tell in the run up to and at SummerSlam.

Speaking to McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show, Cole said: "One of the reasons I'm really excited about what's going happen these next five weeks leading up to SummerSlam; you've got the greatest of this time, Roman Reigns, and the greatest of all-time, John Cena and they are now meeting in what seems like the perfect moment, The universe is aligning. WWE fans are back. The excitement is back.

"Roman Reigns is the uber heel, the most dominant man and he knows it. John Cena is coming back as the old babyface that he was. It's going to be this unbelievable meeting of these two great individuals in the main event and we get to be part of that. 

"What's cool is that you [McAfee] and I get to sit there and we are so adamant about who we support in this match. We're supposed to be unbiased, but I'm a John Cena guy, you're a Roman Reigns guy. It's going to lead to a really interesting debate over these next couple of weeks. Can Cena win his 17th (World Title), beat Ric Flair's (number of 16 World Titles) and cement his legacy as the greatest of all time? Will Roman Reigns slay another legend? 

"There are so many rich storylines and layers to this show. Where does Paul Heyman fit in all of this? You can't write a better scenario."

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