MJF Praises WWE Performance Center For Creating Stars

MJF playing nice about WWE once again...

MJF has certainly been on the charm offensive as of late when discussing the WWE, with the AEW stand-out openly admitting he’d consider offers to join WWE when his AEW deal expires.

However, although many of MJF’s comments about WWE seem kayfabed and made in order to get websites like this one to create drama out of nothing, MJF recently Tweeted about the WWE Performance Center, giving them credit for creating stars.

The Tweet came after MJF quote-tweeted an upcoming open event at Brian Myers and Pat Buck’s Create-a-Pro Wrestling School (where MJF trained) claiming it as a school “Where Real wrestlers are taught Real wrestling.”

A fan then snarkily replied saying the WWE have invested $20million in the Performance Center and produced ‘no-one’ to which MJF replied:

“Liv Morgan. Big E. Bianca Belair. Baron Corbin. Naomi. Alexa Bliss. Charlotte Flair. Roman reigns. Just to name a few. People on this app have f****** brainworms.”

In the past MJF has praised several WWE talents and executives, like Bruce Prichard.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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