Nailz Finally Breaks Silence On Vince McMahon Incident

Nailz opens up about alleged attack on Vince McMahon

For several decades, fans have heard nothing but second-hand accounts of an incident involving Kevin Wacholz, known to WWE fans as Nailz, and Vince McMahon, in which the former wrestler allegedly took to the chairman physically. After all these years, Nailz has finally broken his silence on what happened, speaking in an interview on Highspots TV with Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

When asked about several of the accounts, Nailz shut all of them down. When prompted about the cause of the issue and if it was money, he had this to say, 

Usually, a guy wouldn't quit or have a problem with the ownership of a business if he was happy with what he was getting paid. On that aspect, that kind of sums it up there.”

This was followed up with mentions of the likes of Bret Hart and Jimmy Hart who have given their accounts, though Nailz responded with, “Never happened” and “Nope” to many of the specific details. On whether he regretted the whole ordeal, Nailz seemed fairly happy and at ease with what went down;

"I'm fine with what happened. I don't have any regrets. Never got too many thank you calls and thank you letters in my life. People that I hadn't heard from in years were sending me cards. A lot of people that ended up working for him later were the same guys that came and thanked me for what happened. People would say, 'must have taken a lot of guts to do that. I wish I was in your position that I could have done that years later.' He did step on a lot of toes and he made it tough for a lot of people. He made a lot of promises that he didn't fulfill and a lot of guys were in a bad predicament because he lied to them. That's their deal, that's not mine. I'm only speaking on what happened to me. What happened to me didn't come through."

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