WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One - As It Happened

The action delivered on Night One

WrestleMania week started with NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night One.

The first night of the first ever two-night NXT TakeOver was an action packed affair, as we saw new NXT Tag Champions crowned. We also found out who will be taking on Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Title on Night Two, and who the ‘best technical wrestler in the world’ is, as Pete Dunne took on Kushida.

Zoey Stark vs. Toni Storm - Pre-Show

Good to have a proper crowd back in the building, who start off hot with duelling chants. Stark and Storm went back and forth trading holds, until Stark got first blood with a big European Uppercut. Storm’s veteran instincts kicked in as she comfortably took control of the bout, but Stark wouldn’t say die, coming back with a flurry of offence and a sweet Half-Nelson Suplex. Storm came back, hit two German Suplexes. As she went for Storm Zero, Stark kicked her in the head, and got the cradle for the shock win.

Winner: Zoey Stark

Pete Dunne vs. Kushida

Dunne and Kushida both lay claims to being the best technical wrestler in the world, and wasted no time trying to prove who the better wrestler was, with both men starting quickly and strongly, exchanging counter holds in the ring. 

Dunne soon took it outside, hitting the X-Plex on Kushida onto the apron to gain control. Technical counter wrestling soon gave way to hard chops, before Kushida hit a springboard back elbow on the outside of the ropes onto Dunne on the elevated ramp.

A second springboard back elbow was denied as Dunne hit the finger break, but couldn’t hit a follow up Bitter End. Both men went for Cross Armbreakers, but couldn’t keep them locked in, with submissions once more giving way to a volley of hard strikes. 

Kushida worked Dunne’s arm over, hitting a huge top rope Hoverboard Lock. Kushida was working super aggressively, relentlessly attacking Dunne’s arm, but Dunne came back with aggression of his own, hitting another finger break and a pair of stomps to Kushida’s fingers. 

A successful Bitter End and the 1-2-3, and Pete Dunne got the victory.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Leon Ruff vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight - Gauntlet Eliminator Match for an NXT North American Title Match against Johnny Gargano on TakeOver Night Two

No love lost between Ruff and Swerve, with Swerve attacking Ruff as he made his entrance. The two fought around ringside before the bell even rang, with Ruff missing a huge missile Dropkick off the ramp, but landing on the security barrier. The match finally started but heading straight back outside, with Swerve folding Ruff over the security wall with a gut-first Suplex. Ruff wasn’t down for long, hitting a gorgeous corkscrew cutter off of the announce table, and reversing a top-rope Powerbomb into a Frankensteiner.

Bronson Reed made his entrance next, catching a Ruff dive before pressing him back into the ring. Reed dominated with his immense power and strength, hitting a German Suplex on Swerve, who simultaneously German Suplexed Ruff.

Everyone’s favourite stock market whizz, Cameron Grimes sauntered out next, hitting a big diving Moonsault onto Reed, before buying Swerve’s services with a wedge of cash. Grimes and Swerve worked over Ruff, with Swerve hitting a rough release Death Valley Driver on Ruff into the turnbuckle.

Dexter Lumis made his arrival as Swerve pinned Ruff and eliminated him.

Leon Ruff eliminated

Lumis hit rebound release back Suplexes on Grimes and Swerve as he asserted his control on the bout. Lumis attempted a Death Valley Driver on Reed to no avail, then took Grimes out with a huge Cactus Clothesline as LA Knight made his way to the ring, cutting a promo as he entered the match. 

Reed cut Knight off mid-promo and flattened him with a big Samoan Drop. LA Knight then ran riot, as Lumis hit Silence on Cameron Grimes. However, Knight rolled Lumis up to eliminate him. 

Dexter Lumis eliminated

No sooner had Lumis been eliminated then the remaining competitors ganged up on Knight, with Reed eliminating him with a huge Senton.
LA Knight eliminated

Lumis then put LA Knight to sleep outside the ring, as Reed Grimes and Swerve slugged it out in the middle of the ring. Grimes and Swerve momentarily teamed back up to take down Reed, but Swerve eliminated Grimes after reversing a roll-up into one of his own.

Cameron Grimes eliminated
Reed went up top, but Swerve slammed Reed off the top on to the apron. Perfect 450 by Swerve could only get a 2, and three huge House Call kicks only fired Reed up. Reed hit the top rope Tsunami Splash for the win, and will face Johnny Gargano for the North American Title tomorrow night. Gargano then came out to the stage to taunt Reed.

Winner: Bronson Reed

WALTER (c) vs. Tomasso Ciampa - NXT UK Championship

In ring introductions and a big fight feel for this much anticipated bout. Ciampa starts on the front foot, out manoeuvring WALTER, before unloading on the champ with some hard strikes and stomps in the corner. But WALTER floored Ciampa with a chop, then hung him on the top rope and gave him another for good measure.

Ciampa avoided another chop on the outside as WALTER chopped the announce table. Ciampa hit more strikes and a chop of his own, and targeted WALTER’s hand to nullify the chop. WALTER took Ciampa’s head off with a big boot, but his hand was visibly giving him grief. 

Ciampa came back with multiple Clotheslines, hitting around 20 before eating another huge chop. Ciampa got the big man up for an Air Raid Crash, but it only garnered a two-count. Ciampa hit a Fairytale Ending, but again could only get a two. WALTER came back with a deadlift German Suplex and a stiff lariat, but could also only get a two count.

The two jockeyed for position on the top turnbuckle, before Ciampa hit a massive Air Raid Crash from the top, but again could only muster a two count. The two traded chops, before WALTER twister Ciampa’s surgically repaired neck, and planted The Blackheart with two crunching Powerbombs… again only for two.

Eventually WALTER hit a massive sleeper Suplex and one final chop, and 1-2-3 the UK Champion retained. Chest bruised, WALTER held his title aloft on the stage with Imperium, as Ciampa looked on.

Winner: WALTER

Backstage, Bronson Reed vowed to defeat Johnny Gargano for the North American Title. Gargano came out to congratulate him on his victory tonight, but said tomorrow won’t go the same way for Big Bronson.

MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Legado Del Fantasma - NXT Tag Team Championship

Tag rules apply, but three competitors at a time in ring, as the three teams battle for the vacant NXT Tag Titles. LDF started hot, double teaming Wes Lee and Zack Gibson. GYV then took control, disposing of LDF before isolating Nash Carter.

Lee got the hot tag and disposed GYV to the outside, before LDF hit a pair of dives to wipe everyone out. LDF were firmly in control, hitting stereo Coast-To-Coasts on Carter, and keeping Gibson at bay. Lee eventually got the hot tag and was a house on fire, nailing a lovely Tope onto LDF. Assisted Moonsault by MSK on Drake could only get a two, and soon Lee hit a double Moonsault DDT onto LDF.

GYV re-injured Wes Lee’s hand, as GYV got MSK in stereo submissions as Lee and Carter held on, shades of DIY vs. The Revival.

GYV hit a Doomsday Device on Wilde on the outside, as MSK took care of Mendoza. Carter hit a massive double cutter onto Gibson and Drake, then MSK with the Blockbuster Hart Attack on Gibson for the three. MSK are your new NXT Tag Team Champions.

Winners: MSK

Stephanie McMahon and Sarray were shown in the front row, as Raquel Gonzalez and Io Shirai prepared for the main event.

Io Shirai (c) vs. Raquel Gonzalez - NXT Women’s Championship

Io and Raquel picked up where they left things on last week’s NXT, with Io storming in looking for a fight. Gonzalez got the early advantage, but Io turned the tables with a diving Hurricanrana. Io soon sent Raquel outside and hit a suicide dive, but Dakota Kai made her presence felt, attacking the champion before getting sent to the back by the referee.

Io nailed a lovely Asai moonsault, but a second was scouted by Gonzalez, who threw Io shoulder first into the ring post. Back in the ring and Gonzalez was firmly in control, outmuscling Io. But the champ wouldn’t stay down, hitting a Frankensteiner and a double stomp to cut off the challenger. 

Gonzalez came back and attempted the One Armed Powerbomb, but Io had it scouted, and rolled through into a Crossface. Io then hit a big Moonsault onto Gonzalez on the ramp, and the running knees, before hitting a ridiculous Diving Crossbody off of the entranceway skull set-piece.

Back in the ring, Io hit the Moonsault, but amazingly Raquel kicked out at two, then folded the champ with the One Armed powerbomb on the outside. A huge clothesline and a One Armed Powerbomb, and we have a new NXT Women’s Champion! Raquel celebrated with the title as Night One drew to a close.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

Check out the full results below:

• Raquel Gonzalez def. Io Shirai (c) - NXT Women’s Championship
• MSK def. Grizzled Young Veterans & Legado Del Fantasma - NXT Tag Team Championship
• Walter (c) def. Tomasso Ciampa - NXT UK Championship
• Bronson Reed def. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Cameron Grimes, LA Knight, Dexter Lumis, & Leon Ruff - Gauntlet Eliminator Match for an NXT North American Title Match against Johnny Gargano on TakeOver Night Two
• Pete Dunne def. Kushida
• Zoey Stark def. Toni Storm - Pre-Show

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