Report: AEW Aiming To 'Embarrass' CM Punk By Releasing All In Footage

AEW want to embarrass CM Punk with CCTV footage from All In

Despite no longer being under contract with All Elite Wrestling and working for the promotion's direct competitor in WWE, CM Punk will be involved in the headline angle on Wednesday's night edition of Dynamite. The Young Bucks will "present backstage footage from All In & will discuss for the first time" on Dynamite this week. 

It has since been reported the backstage footage will be of the altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry, the same footage that led to CM Punk being fired by All Elite Wrestling. AEW's plans to air the footage came together after CM Punk aired dirty laundry about AEW and gave his side of the backstage fight with Jack Perry. 

It has already been reported that Tony Khan was "furious" with CM Punk's comments and Dave Meltzer has now reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW are aiming to "embarrass" Punk and show he is a liar by releasing the CCTV footage. 

While admitting his confusion over the angle, Meltzer said: "The Young Bucks are narrating this. The thing that's weird is the idea is to embarrass Punk, right? To show that Punk's a liar and embarrass Punk. However, the guys if they actually do this, the guys doing this are heels that don't want to be babyfaces... When Jack Perry comes in, it's not supposed to be as a babyface so I am confused."

If the footage will affect CM Punk's standing in WWE is unknown. Michael Cole referred to Punk as "the man internet marks use to make headlines" during the WrestleMania 40 night two Kickoff Show. 

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