AEW To Air All In Fight Footage Due To Tony Khan Being ‘Furious’ With CM Punk

Why AEW Will Air CM Punk-Jack Perry All In Fight Footage On Dynamite

Following a sudden announcement that The Young Bucks will "present backstage footage from All In & will discuss for the first time" on Wednesday night's edition of AEW Dynamite, it has been reported that All Elite Wrestling will indeed be airing the CCTV footage of the backstage altercation between Jack Perry and CM Punk from All In 2023. The same footage that led to CM Punk's firing from the promotion. 

The airing of the footage comes after CM Punk aired dirty laundry about AEW and detailed his side of the fight between himself and Jack Perry. Within his own account, Punk claimed that he confronted Perry about his "cry me a river" line during the All In pre-show and he ended up choking Perry "a little" after Perry dared Punk to do something about it. Punk also said that "nothing happened" that would make Tony Khan fear for his life. 

The "cry me a river line" came about following an earlier backstage argument between CM Punk and Jack Perry over the former Jungle Boy wanting to use real glass for a spot in the Summer of 2023 that would explain him missing a week of TV for a pre-approved vacation. The spot was approved by AEW to the point a car was at the building but Punk claimed in his interview that Tony Schiavone approached him and asked him to speak with Perry about the spot, at which point Punk told Perry they don't do that sort of thing at Collision. The matter was believed to have been settled but Perry was unhappy after people close to CM Punk leaked details of the incident to the media and he thought Punk was trying to embarrass him by making the argument public knowledge. 

Tony Khan publicly has declined to comment on CM Punk's interview this week, noting he preferred to focus on ROH Supercard of Honor. Privately, though, the AEW CEO is "furious" with CM Punk and that is why he has decided to air the footage of the backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry on Dynamite. 

"It is true that on Dynamite Tony Khan is airing the Jack Perry-CM Punk footage from All In. It is not bait and switch... it is 100 per cent confirmed, they are airing the footage. Tony was very upset with CM Punk’s interview... I was told that he a long time ago wanted to air this footage and for whatever reason he did not and now, I guess because of the timing and the interview and what CM Punk said, he is going to air it. We've heard many sides of the stories about what happened and we're going to see Wednesday. But I think it's safe to say that if it were the story that CM Punk told I don't know why Tony would air the footage," Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

"The funny thing is when Punk did the interview I obviously contacted many, many people in the company and the general thing was, 'We're moving past that, we don't want to deal with it. Some of it's true, some of it's not true but whatever, don't want to deal with it. We've got to move forward.' And then here we are. Tony's the boss, Tony never said that. Other people said that and here we go," Dave Meltzer added.

Reports following All In noted that CM Punk more than lunged at Tony Khan at All In. Meltzer has noted on X (FKA Twitter) that this CCTV footage will not be shown. 

"From what I'm told that footage won't be shown. Different times only the Perry footage," Meltzer tweeted.

CM Punk is scheduled to be part of the WrestleMania 40 night two Kickoff Show. If he will respond to the AEW announcement remains to be seen. 

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