Report: AEW Talents' Response To Banned List Revealed

AEW wrestlers reportedly have indifferent reactions to the banned list

It emerged earlier this week that AEW had introduced a list of things that would be banned from matches and TV going forwards. These included unprotected head shots, fencing responses, spitting, buckle bombs, and many more. 

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed some of the backstage reaction of AEW wrestlers when it comes to these changes. 

“It's like people were going like, you know, ‘What does talent think?’ And it's like, they don't really…no one's mad. It's kind of like the band stuff has already been banned for the most part other than the spitting. And of course, we can go without spitting. Right. Or bleeding and bleeding on fans, which is never a good idea or, you know, whatever. Or stealing drinks from fans, which, you know, there's what value of entertainment do you lose by not doing that? So, it's not something that anyone's concerned over or anyone thinks is negative. It's pretty much. I think everything's gonna be largely the same.”

As noted, many of the things that are now banned aren’t seen overly often anyway, and many of them needed clearance beforehand too, which could still be the case. 


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