Report: Cash Wheeler Not Expected To Be Reprimanded By AEW Over Recent Arrest

Latest on Cash Wheeler following his arrest

Cash Wheeler doesn't look set to be internally disciplined by All Elite Wrestling over his recent arrest. 

It emerged on Friday, August 18 that Wheeler had been arrested after being charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. Wheeler allegedly flashed a gun at another party in what is believed to have been a road rage incident that took place on July 27. 

Wheeler's arrest initially put the planned FTR vs. The Young Bucks III match at All In up in the air but Wheeler is not subject to any travel restrictions following his arrest and AEW have continued advertising the AEW World Tag Team Title match, signalling it will be going ahead as scheduled on Sunday, August 27. 

AEW have punished talents in the past for being arrested, with Jeff Hardy's suspension without pay being the most obvious example after Hardy was charged with a DUI. Wheeler looks set to avoid punishment, though, with Dave Meltzer noting on Wrestling Observer Radio that it doesn't appear Wheeler will be reprimanded. 

"It doesn't look like he is going to be punished at this point. As far as the story goes it did die down. So yeah, I don't expect it, there has been no indication of anything like that. If the company got any heat over it then perhaps but I don't get that feeling at all," Meltzer said.

It is still unclear if Tony Khan was aware of Wheeler's arrest before August 18. Reports have noted that other top members of AEW management and much of the roster didn't know about the arrest until news broke on Friday. 

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