Report: Chris Jericho Expected To Receive "Please Retire" Chants On AEW TV

All part of the plan.

Chris Jericho may have anticipated the negative reaction to his FTW Title victory over HOOK at AEW Dynasty. 

Jericho was met with 'Please retire' and 'Go home Jericho, go home' chants during and after the match, while him winning was met with loud boos. 

According to a new report from Fightful Select, the way things played out were as Jericho had envisioned. Citing 'several AEW talent' and people close to Jericho, the report noted that the crowd reaction was almost exactly how Jericho had laid it out to them a week prior. 

It also noted that a topic of conversation backstage was who informed the 53-year-old of the 'Jericho vortex' phrase, which is used online to describe those who are 'sucked into' working or feuding with the veteran. 

The report further stated that people within AEW weren't expecting Jericho to alter the FTW Title belt. This was a surprise to many, including FTW Title creator Taz. The FTW Title belt is the one that was used originally in ECW during the 1990s. 

While some fans may be sick of seeing Jericho on AEW TV, the man himself has zero plans to leave Tony Khan's promotion. 

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