Report: CM Punk References From The Elite Edited Out Of AEW All Access

CM Punk was persona non grata on AEW All Access

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega's returns to All Elite Wrestling in November 2022 were prominently featured in early episodes of the promotion's AEW All Access TV show, with The Young Bucks revealing they considered retiring during their time away from TV. 

The reason they were off TV was not addressed, however, and AEW avoided mentioning the backstage fight between CM Punk, Ace Steel and The Elite after All Out altogether. It was not acknowledged that all five men were suspended following the incident. 

While the finished product didn't reference Brawl Out and CM Punk, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks did mention why they were gone from AEW TV without directly mentioning CM Punk's name in interviews for All Access, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. The interviews were edited out of the final product due to fears of legal action.

"They did interviews. They talked about it. They never mentioned Punk's name because they weren't allowed to mention his name, but they did interviews to beat around the bush on the story. Even that was edited out because of the fear of legal reprisal. The biggest issue isn't even necessarily Tony, and it isn't most of the guys. It is the legal threats and because of what those are, Tony is playing it very careful to the point of no one mentioning it. On the reality show, CM Punk's name was never mentioned once. I knew they would never talk about the thing, but they didn't even allude to anything close to it," Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

As of last word, The Elite and CM Punk were still banned from making contact due to ongoing legal issues. At least one person involved in the brawl is willing to apologise. If CM Punk is willing to do the same is unknown.

CM Punk is reportedly set to return to AEW on the inaugural episode of Collision, the promotion's new Saturday night show. The first episode will be called 'The Second Coming' and will air on TNT in the United States on June 17. Punk looks set to feud with either Chris Jericho or Samoa Joe upon his return. 

A roster split of sorts will be introduced when Punk returns, with him and those who don't want to be in the same building as him largely kept apart.

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