Report: Kyle O'Reilly Not Legitimately Hurt On WWE NXT

The former tag team champion was selling the effects of Adam Cole's attack...

Kyle O'Reilly has reportedly not suffered a legitimate medical emergency despite being stretchered out of the area at the close of Wednesday's WWE NXT show.

O'Reilly was attacked by former Undisputed Era teammate Adam Cole at the climax of a six-man tag-team match, which put him, Roderick Strong and Finn Balor against Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, with Cole hitting a Brainbuster on O'Reilly on the steel steps. 

Soon after NXT went off the air, fans in attendance began expressing their concern for O'Reilly, claiming the 33-year-old had endured some kind of seizure in the aftermath of the attack, and medical personnel was attending to him at ring side. 

O'Reilly was eventually taken away on a stretcher by NXT's medical team but multiple sources have now confirmed O'Reilly's situation was simply the superstar selling the effects of Adam Cole's attack. 

WWE Analyst for Fox Sports Ryan Satin tweeted: "From what I’m being told, Kyle O’Reilly did not suffer a real seizure after NXT tonight and did not suffer a medical episode. According to WWE sources, it was all just part of storyline. Happy to hear he’s okay.

"I’m also told that there was no intent to make it look like he was suffering a seizure. That just spread due to what was reported back from the few fans in attendance."

Concern from WWE fans came due to the knowledge that O'Reilly has Type One Diabetes, a condition which the former NXT Tag Team champion has discussed in the past and can trigger seizures.

Wrestling Inc owner Raj Giri has tweeted, however, that WWE never considered fans would make the connection between O'Reilly's selling and his medical condition, and the entire situation was simply down to the superstar's superb selling of Cole's attack. 

"Got it confirmed, Kyle O'Reilly was just selling the attack, it was a work. They didn't even anticipate that people would think it had to do with O'Reilly having Type One Diabetes.

"Just to reiterate since a lot of people are bringing it up, this was not meant to make it appear like Kyle O'Reilly had a seizure. It was just an injury angle like they've done so many times before. Kyle's a damn good seller."

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