Report: Member Of WWE RETRIBUTION Possibly Revealed

An NXT Superstar could be on their way to the main roster...

Since the August 3 episode of Monday Night Raw, RETRIBUTION has caused havoc on WWE's main roster shows. Raw and SmackDown have suffered from numerous glitches and production issues and the new faction has caused thousands of dollars worth of property damage to windows, cars and electrical equipment.

The Superstars underneath the masks are yet to be revealed and the company has kept fans guessing by using stand-ins until they decide to debut the faction in its final form. 

RETRIBUTION's first member may have been revealed, however, as Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that NXT Superstar Jessi Kamea is part of the group. 

Meltzer said: "Jessi Kamea is a Division 1 volleyball player... The thing with her, she's one of RETRIBUTION, actually."

Meltzer didn't mention if she was a stand-in or a fully-fledged member of RETRIBUTION, however. 

Since signing with WWE in 2017, Kamea has primarily competed at NXT house shows as Jessie Elaban, but she was repackaged in June 2019. She started appearing regularly on WWE TV from April 2020 in squash matches on the black and gold brand and Main Event.


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