Report: WWE Planning To Break Up Women's Tag Team

Could Otis's ham be the culprit?

On the December 20th episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Mandy Rose gifted Otis a ham as an early Christmas present. However, during the Miracle On 34th Street match between Heavy Machinery and The Revival, the ham was destroyed. Later in the show, Otis apologised to Rose backstage and she comforted him with a hug. This only caused her dress to be spoiled by the big man's sweat, forcing The Golden Goddess to miss Sonya Deville's match against Carmella.

Tensions within Fire & Desire continued to brew on last week's episode of SmackDown as Deville refused to accompany Rose to the ring for her own match against Carmella.

According to Dave Meltzer, the current storyline is part of WWE's plan to break up the tag team. He explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE planned to split up Fire & Desire before WrestleMania, but decided not to progress with the storyline at the time. He also added that he believes Rose will receive a renewed push following her feud with Deville.

Meltzer said: "It feels again like they’re starting the break up with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, which if that happens, I feel very sorry for Sonya Deville because I can just see her disappearing after the program…They were going to do it before WrestleMania, they had the whole thing planned and they just dropped it."

He later added: "I think they will push Mandy Rose no matter what because of her look."

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