Report: WWE United States Championship Redesigned

The third title WWE has changed in recent weeks....

WWE has been on something of a spree in recent weeks redesigning their championships. As the Universal title moved from Raw to SmackDown, the red colour was deemed inappropriate and it was changed to blue. The Fiend also created his own version of the Universal title, with the centrepiece being changed from the WWE logo to the champion's own face. The classic design of the Intercontinental Championship was also cast aside, as Sami Zayn handed a new version of the famous title to Shinsuke Nakamura on the November 22nd episode of SmackDown.

Belt Maker Dan Beltzer is now reporting on Twitter that WWE has decided to redesign the United States Championship. He tweeted yesterday that the new title had been delivered to WWE, but admitted he did not know what it looked like.

He wrote: "New U.S. belt was delivered...No idea what it looks like."

The US Championship has been modified in the past. After John Cena captured the title for the third time, he introduced a spinner version which was later destroyed by Orlando Jordan. The title has also seen minor modifications, such as when WWE changed its logo in 2014. Despite this, the title has remained largely the same since it was introduced in 2003.

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