Rey Mysterio: I Don't Regret Losing My Mask In WCW

Mysterio re-masked when he joined WWE in 2002

Younger wrestling fans will only be aware of WWE Rey Mysterio, the mysterious masked lucha legend. But older fans will remember Rey Mysterio Jr. in WCW, including when the cruiserweight sensation shockingly lost his mask to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at WCW SuperBrawl IX in 1999.

However, whilst many fans hated the angle, Mysterio himself has no regrets about the unmasking, saying on The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com:

“I don’t think so. When I lost the mask, the next night I faced Kevin Nash. That’s when the ‘Giant Killer’ came up. I think sometimes I think to myself, ‘If I wouldn’t have lost the mask, would I have had the push that I got against all these bigger guys?’ I don’t know, but because it happened, there was a positive side to it. That’s when I started working with the bigger guys which eventually opened up the doors to me in WWE.”

In hindsight, many have decried the decision for Mysterio to unmask, especially as he allegedly had to seek permission from lucha libre counsels in Mexico to re-mask for his WWE debut.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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