Saraya Thinks A CM Punk Return Would Be Great For AEW

Saraya has given compliments to CM Punk and supported a return to AEW

Talk of CM Punk’s AEW return has been doing the rounds in recent weeks amidst rumours of a new two-hour TV show, a soft brand split, and an alleged peace meeting between Punk and Chris Jericho. 

AEW’s Saraya talked about Punk in an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, and she only had good things to say about him. 

“He's always been an absolute sweetheart to me. He's never once -- we’ve never had any conflict whatsoever. He’s been very helpful, given a lot of advice over the years, since basically near the beginning of when I was in WWE. He was kind of just on his way out, but I remember coming up on like live event loops and stuff and he was very, very nice. And then going into WWE Backstage, always very nice. And then coming into AEW, he had reached out to me and he's just like, 'If you need anything,' you know, he’s really awesome.

“I want whatever’s best for business. And I feel like, if people don’t like each other, you have to find that common ground in a professional setting, you know? Because I mean there's been people I don’t like over the years, but I’ve never let my personal feelings get in the way of business at the end of the day. If he was to come back, I feel like it would be great for AEW.”

Although Saraya’s WWE main roster call-up didn’t come until after Punk had walked out of WWE back in 2014, she noted that she was on the live events loop alongside him. The pair also worked together on the short-lived WWE Backstage programme. Since Saraya joined AEW, Punk has been out of the picture due to injury and the incidents from the All Out 2022 media scrum.

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