Seth Rollins: Hulk Hogan Has Been Nice To Me, But That Doesn't Make Him A Great Human Being

Rollins was naming his Mount Rushmore of WWE legends...

Seth Rollins has named Hulk Hogan on his Mount Rushmore of wrestling legends but concedes the WWE Hall Of Famer may not be 'a great human being'. 

Hogan, despite his popularity with WWE fans throughout his near forty-year career and multiple championship runs, has earned criticism outside of the ring for a multitude of issues, not least for uttering homophobic and racist slurs during a leaked video which became apparent in 2015. 

Rollins was asked by The Complex Sports Podcast who would make his Mount Rushmore of WWE legends to which the Messiah named, after some deliberation, Bruno Sammartino, Steve Austin, John Cena, and Hogan. 

However, Rollins also pointed out that, if it was his personal decision, he would take Hogan off and replace him with his personal favourite wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels, stating that the inclusion on the four-person monument came down to contributions to wrestling and not necessarily because of the good character of the individual in question. 

Rollins said: "Shawn’s my favourite. Shawn’s my favourite wrestler of all time, but we’re talking about contributions to WWE and what they’ve meant to the business, and look, if it were up to me, in that situation, I would scratch Hogan off that sucker probably.

"But again, if we’re just talking not the kind of human being you are but we’re talking about your contributions as a wrestler to the company, okay, Hogan was responsible for everything that happened after the late ’80s.

"Look, Hulk’s always been really nice to me, but that doesn’t make him a great human being."

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