Seth Rollins Looked For CM Punk Backstage At WWE Survivor Series, Had To Be Ushered Away By Triple H

Seth Rollins wasn't happy with CM Punk's WWE return

CM Punk is back in WWE, but not everybody is happy about his Survivor Series 2023 return. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is someone who has had known issues with Punk in the past, and these problems haven’t been swept under the rug. Rollins was shown in fan footage cursing Punk and having to be held back by the likes of Corey Graves and Michael Cole when the “Voice of the Voiceless” made his entrance. 

This could always be put down to a work, though Fightful Select have revealed some rumours floating around which indicate that things were still heated backstage. It is said that Seth Rollins was looking for Punk and had to be ushered away by Triple H and Michael Cole. Fightful Select states,We're told that Punk looked confused and it was an awkward scene.”

The report goes on to further state that it is possible that situations involving both Seth Rollins and also Drew McIntyre, who allegedly stormed out of the arena, could be a work, though as of right now it isn’t known whether this is the case or not.

UPDATE: Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Seth Rollins' frustration in front of the crowd was "all an angle." It was decided within the company they could do a shoot angle based on Seth Rollins' comments earlier this year in which he told CM Punk to "stay away, you cancer."

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Written by Andrew Kelly