Seth Rollins Talks Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE: "I Understand. This Place Can Be Frustrating"

Ambrose is not booked on WrestleMania 35 and appeared to say his goodbyes after this week's Raw...

It looks like Dean Ambrose will actually be leaving WWE very shortly indeed. After the company made the unprecedented move of announcing one of their top stars would be heading for the exit doors months in advance, many fans believed it was all part of an elaborate storyline.

However, The Lunatic Fringe appeared to say his goodbyes to WWE fans after this week's Raw went off the air.

Seth Rollins took part in an interview with Cathy Kelley for WWE Now recently and spoke at length about his former tag team partner leaving:

"It breaks my heart. I get it. I understand. This place can be frustrating and he's a guy that's been doing it nonstop for 15-17 years now. Sometimes, you just need to step away and take care of yourself. I wish him luck in whatever he wants to do.

"We're still going to be friends and brothers. I'll love him for as long as we can. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He's a wild animal. You can't put him in a cage or tame him. That's not how he operates.

"I know how he feels about his creativity and when it pulls him in a different direction, that's how he's gotta be. I never imagined the three of us working anywhere else or not being here. It's gonna be weird to come into the locker room and he's not there and knowing he's not coming back anytime soon. It tugs on my heartstrings but I support him in whatever decision he's gonna make."

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