Shawn Michaels Comments On Grizzled Young Veterans Asking For Their WWE Releases

Shawn Michaels has spoken of Grizzled Young Veterans’ WWE release requests

The Dyad’s Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler - fka The Grizzled Young Veterans' James Drake and Zack Gibson - requested their WWE NXT releases earlier this year, ahead of the expected expiration of their contracts in October 2023.

WWE denied the team’s request, and NXT’s Shawn Michaels has commented on their situation during the recent pre-Battleground media call:

“They were guys that clearly, I wanted to come over and bring over from the UK. I think they’re very talented. I absolutely understand. It’s one of the things that I tell everybody here. Do I want it to be here in the WWE for you to have your success? Absolutely. I can’t lie about that. Really, this is about, no matter who comes through these doors, help them to have success in this business as a whole," said Michaels. "I always tell everybody, ‘I feel so fortunate for the life that I have and my family and I have. It’s because of this job, and now there is a real opportunity for everyone in this line of work to have that.’ I want that for them. I understand how they feel, but as I mentioned to them, ‘while you are here, I still want to put you in a prominent role.’ There are no hard feelings in that respect. There is too much talent there to waste or leave on the table. If they don’t mind work, I sure as heck don’t mind using them."

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