Sheamus Maintains Locker Room Atmosphere In WWE Is Good

Sheamus has claimed things are good behind the scenes

Sheamus has once again claimed the atmosphere within the WWE locker room is good.

WWE have let go several high-profile stars in 2021, including the likes of Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Andrade, and morale in the locker room reportedly took a hit following Bray Wyatt's release on August 1 as Superstars no longer believe their jobs are safe regardless of their position on the card.

Despite the releases, United States Champion Sheamus has reiterated the atmosphere in the locker room is good, having previously made the same observation in June.

"I said a while ago, talking about releases, no one ever wants to see releases and I lost a lot of friends, and I said the atmosphere is good. 'Obviously, Sheamus is lying because how can the atmosphere be good.' The truth of the matter is, it is good. The lads have a craic, a joke, they rib each other. We're all slagging each other off. It's a good vibe and a lot of good lads in the locker room," Sheamus said on Ryan Satin's Out Of Character Podcast.

"The future is bright for the company and there's a lot of talent. The guys coming in now, and the girls, are super talented. Look at Nikki Cross winning the Women's Title. No one deserves that more than her. She's been up, she's been down, super nice and super genuine. She works her ass off and has embraced herself with this character."

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